How To Avoid Challans for The HSRP And Color-Coded Stickers?

High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) are issued by the Government of India, which are number plates of vehicles made out of aluminum. Every number plate consists of a ten-digit number called the Permanent Identification Number (PIN) and is located at the bottom left corner of the number plate. The High-Security Registration Plates, India consists of a hot-stamped Ashoka Chakra Symbol, which is chromium based, on the top left corner of the plate along with the International Registration Code for India written as "IND" at an angle of 45. These licensed Vehicle Registration Number Plates are considered standard number plates across all the states of India. The owners are bound by law to fit the number plate at the rear and front of the vehicles, which thus makes the vehicle electronically linked with the number plates.

How To Avoid Challans for The HSRP And Color-Coded Stickers :

The government has become very serious in terms of vehicle number plates. Regardless of whether you own a car, bike, or scooter, there are some very strict regulations regarding the challans for both HSPR and color-coded stickers. This is because number plates are of extreme importance, as it helps in keeping the records of the owner. Especially in case of accidents, it helps in spotting who the real owner of the vehicle is, and makes the job of the investing committee much easier.

For the vehicles sold before the 1st of April, 2019, or the old vehicles with old type number plates, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued orders and made it compulsory to have the HSRP. The vehicles must specifically have HSRP, making it easy to identify the type of fuel, be it Diesel, CNG, or Petrol, the vehicles use. On violating this, under the amended Act of Motor Vehicles, the police can charge challan up to Rs. 10,000, which is at present reduced to Rs 5,500. If you own a vehicle and you have not yet got your High-Security Registration Plates, India, then you should know how to avoid challan for HSRP.

Uses of High-Security Registration Plates in India :

The Vehicle Registration Number Plates are crucial for the Government as it helps maintain the records of all the vehicles of India. Moreover, the HSRP permits the storage of vast records of vehicles within the country, efficiently and forever. The HSRP helps in storing digital information of the vehicles within the nation. The information can be used for recovery cases of the vehicles in case of theft. Unlike the traditional type of number plates, is difficult to easily remove from the vehicles, as the plates come with a non-removable Snap-On lock. With the usage of the details of the HSRP plates, the vehicles can easily be tracked and identified. These facts make the High-Security Registration Plates a must for every vehicle.

Ways to Get HSPR With Colour Coded Stickers :

The HSRP can be purchased and ordered online as sites are dedicated to registration plates by HSRP Maker. All you need to do is, follow specific steps as mentioned on the sites, and the selection for the types, registration details, and every other detail of the vehicles has to be said. On the completion, the payment has to be made, which will mark the purchase. Usually, the High-Security Registration Plates for four-wheelers costs almost Rs. 1,100 whereas the amount is Rs. 400 for two-wheelers. The color-coded stickers will cost an extra Rs.100. After completing all the processes, the number plates will be delivered right to your desired address by the HSRP Maker.

Tips to Avoid Challans for HSPR and Colour Coded Stickers:

The Government has issued strict rules against vehicles with no HSRP. To avoid the challans, till getting your HSRP, always keep the receipt of the order or the booking along with you while using your vehicle. As the delivery of the ordered Number plates takes quite a time to reach you, keep the receipts to save yourself from paying extra challans or fines on the road.

The Government has been encouraging the High-Security Registration Plates so that the vehicles are highly secured, and the information regarding the vehicles is easily accessible. This makes the need for HSRP With Colour Coded Stickers important for the owners of the vehicle. To avoid the cases of fine and excess challans while traveling, make sure you apply for your HSRP since it's for your good.

The High-Security Registration Plates are entirely issued by the Government, making them trustworthy and ensuring the safety of your vehicle. These modern Number Plates remove the fear of the vehicle's loss and the inability of tracking and identification. With the help of the Digitized Database system of the High-Security Registration Plate, the vehicles are highly protected and can be easily tracked or identified. If you have already visited any HSRP site and made your order, make sure to keep the receipt of the same with you as it can save you from losing extra money. The HSRP is the technology of today's world, made for the convenience of both the government and the general public.

The colors of the stickers vary from the type of vehicle to the kind of fuel used by the vehicle and choosing it accordingly while placing the order can be helpful for you. Follow the steps properly while placing the order and keep the receipt of the order of Number Plates handy till you receive the number plate while traveling in your vehicle so that you can avoid challans or excessive fines. Take precautions for your safety and help the government and the system simultaneously with your small steps of responsibility by applying for your HSRP With Colour Coded Sticker soon.

Every resident should be responsible to keep up with the government laws, as there is absolutely no reason why one would want to run away from it, especially when it is for their own safety.