Importance of high-security registration plates :

Currently, the ministry of Highway and road transport made this mandatory for each vehicle to get a high-security registration plate, famous as HSRP. This will be fixed with the colour-coded plat for those vehicles that ended before April 2019—and not getting this HSRP will cost you a fine of five thousand to ten thousand. In this article, we will give you the correct information about High-Security Registration Plate.

Details about this number plate:

High-security number plates are generally number plates made with aluminium & also are fixed with the vehicle utilizing a minimum of 2 non-usable Snap-On locks. This plate generally has a hot-stamped hologram of the Asoka Chakra of blue colour on the very top left corner. The ten-digit PIN (Permanent Identification Number) is laser branded on the bottom left corner of the plate. It has the hot-stamped film on the alphabets and numerals with ‘INDIA’ carved at a forty-five degrees angle. This number plate is electronically well connected to the vehicle where it has been installed.

Who requires HSRP?

After knowing the details about this, you should know who requires the same. All the owners of the vehicle must get the HSRP. Those number plates sold after 2019 already have this number plate, so those who have purchased the number plate before 2019 need to get this changed.

How much will it charge?

Central Government has not fixed the cost price of this, so it can also vary in the different sate. But generally, the security number plate makes the charges for two-wheelers is near about four hundred, which can also be increased up to 1,100 for four-wheelers. It will be entirely based on the category of the vehicle. The mandatory color-coded sticker will cost hundred rupees. So you can search on the internet because knowing the value of this high-security number plate is very important.

Importance of having this number plate:

Getting this number plate has become mandatory. But there are a lot of benefits of using this, which follows:

  • Previously the number plates were straightforward to meddle with & also could be changed and erased easily. This added to the rise in theft. Because thieves replace the installed registration numbers just after stealing it and making this just impossible for authorities to track that vehicle, but this number plate appears with the non-removable Snap-On lock, which is entirely non-reusable and cannot be replaced easily.
  • These plates are also issued when the vehicle owner becomes able to give all the needed documents such as chassis number and engine number.
  • This number plate also helps accumulate essential information on the car details and store this in the central database. This information with the pin of your vehicle will help the authorities to track the vehicle down easily.
  • Previous number plates were used to appear with some different styles and fonts customized by the vehicle owner. So this made it very much complex for the traffic police personnel to read the vehicle's registration number. Especially if it was running, with the help of these HSRP number plates, they can quickly identify them and read them even in a running vehicle because these registration plates have unified fonts & styles to make them easily understandable.


It becomes mandatory to have this number plate on your vehicle, so you should install it as soon as possible to avoid a hazardous situation. And to provide the best security to your cars, you also need to have this security number plate. Because nowadays you can get a lot of wrong activities in the nation, so you should keep protected. You can also search about Security Registration Plates India on