Things you should know about Vehicle Registration Number Plate :

This Vehicle Registration Plate is generally known as a license plate, number plate. It is a plastic or metal attached to the motor vehicle or trailer for the official identification aims. Every country needs registration plates for the road vehicles like trucks, cars & motorcycles. Whether they are needed for another vehicle like boats, bicycles, or tractors can vary by jurisdiction. Whether an identifier is associated with e person or vehicle generally varies by the issuing agency. Also, nowadays some electronic license plates are available for you. To know more about vehicle Registration Number Plate, you have to read this blog properly. Generally, this is a metal plate that has been attached to the vehicle and also has the official registration number of the vehicle bossed on this. Usually, this plate is kept at the back and the front of the car & help everyone to identify the car correctly and provide high security. This is impossible for the roadside vendors to build the duplicate item of the snap lock used in this plate.

How to apply for a number plate?

If you do not have the HSRP, you have to pay a fine of between five thousand to ten thousand. Penalties under motor vehicles Act, 1988 & the main motor vehicles rules, 1989. In maximum cases, the owners have to pay some fines or get arrested when their cars wrongly appear by involved with some wrong activities by the theft or terrorists. If you have the number plate properly, then identifiers will quickly identify this. Overall, no one can steal your vehicle to use this in the wrong prospect just because this number plate cannot be removed anymore. So, you should contact a Number Plate Manufacturers to avoid this situation. Here we are providing the process details of making a number plate.

  • You have to visit the official site.
  • Then you have to fill in the required details like chassis number, vehicle number, owner name, engine number, Address, vehicle type, class type and fuel type. Carefully select the main vehicle class from 2 options: Non-transport or Transport. If you have a personal vehicle, then choose the non-transport option.
  • After clicking submit, the username & password will also be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • After that, you will be needed to log in with the password and the username to complete the payment process. Then a receipt will also be generated.
  • Keep the printout of a receipt & check your current status of the HSRP on the specific website.
  • When HSRP is prepared, you will get a message on the registered mobile.

Different types of formats of this plate

Some states opt for the unique format, where the first 0 of the specific districts is replaced and omitted with the category letter. It refers to the main category of a vehicle:

  • S for all two-wheelers,
  • C for the SUVs and cars
  • E for electric vehicles,
  • R for all three-wheeler rickshaws
  • P for the public passenger vehicle
  • T for some tourist licensed vehicles.
  • V for the vans & pickup trucks and
  • Y for the hiring vehicles


As modern civilized citizens, we all should be well aware of each variation utilized in numbers across the entire nation. Also, various licenses & documents are essential to register the new vehicle & obtain the number plate. The central system of the license plate coding has also evolved from time to time, like the number of motor vehicles in this nation continues to rise. And to get the best number plate makers, you can also search on