Understand the Types of Number Plates in India :

Regardless of whether you are a vehicle owner or not, everyone is aware of what a number plate is and the advantage and importance of having a number plate. When it comes to the number of plates in India, there are several times which we are not really aware of. Hence, in this thread, we are going to discuss the different number plates in India.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the active motor vehicles on the roads of India must be recognized with the license plate or RTO number plate. There are different types of license plates available in India. An unrecorded motor vehicle directly associates with an act of constitutional violation which can be punished with a hefty penalty. A vehicle without a proper RTO number plate is an illegal vehicle.

A legally approved license plate is an amalgamation of syllabary and digits which form the registration number. The number plates are distributed by the department of RTO or Regional Transport Office. It should be put down in the back and the front of the motor vehicles, providing the right luminescence. The universal registration symbol is IND for India.

The Indian license plate was decrypting :

The first two alphabets on a permit plate (WB, AP, MP, TM, et c.) denote the areas or the states the conveyance is recorded from. For a motor vehicle registered with West Bengal's, RTO will bear the alphabet WB.

The following numbers are associated with the area in which the motor vehicle is permitted :

The third part of the number plate is commonly four numbers as a set which is distinctive to the motor vehicle. Swagger numerical orders such as 1111, 0786, 0001 are associated with VIP status and can be purchased from RTO auctions at a great price. The last portion of the number plate is recognized as the intercontinental registration ID for Indian code IND called IND number plate.

High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP :

The license plate regulations are related to Central's Motor Vehicle Laws, 1989. According to the rules, all the motor vehicles permitted after April 1st, 2019, should carry the High-Security Registration Plate or HSRP. This law is also pertinent for the old motor vehicles registered with aged license number plates.

High-security license plates are proven to be very helpful when it comes to preventing motor vehicle theft. Because the administration only distributes these permitted license plates, high-security registration plates can also help create certified motor vehicles' digitized governmental structured information.

The high-security number is the gold standard for all the motor vehicle number plates across all the regions of India. The number plate manufacturers use aluminum, showcasing a particular laser-etched cipher under the intercontinental cipher for India IND. Beneath the symbol of Ashoka Chakra. The permit number is hotly imprinted with an IND curved at a 45-degree angle. Snap locks insure the HSRP number plate. It will not be capable of using if interfered with.

Different Indian license plates :-

The white permit plate with black symbols :

This is the most used variant of permit plate, assigned to noncommercial or personal motor vehicles.

Owners cannot commercially use motor transportation showing this kind of license. It will be considered illegal if motor vehicles like this are transporting goods or ferrying passengers.

Yellow permit plate with black symbols :

Those are for motor vehicles like goods transporting trucks, cabs, or taxis carrying passengers.

These color number plates are also different when it comes to tax laws than the white variant. So all number plate manufacturers design each number plate accordingly. Drivers of commercially used motor vehicles with yellow permit plates must be recognized with a commercially permitted driving license.

Black permit plate with yellow symbols :

The black number plate is for a motor vehicle recognized as a self-driven or rental property. Those kinds of permit plates are also considered as the transportations of a premium resort or hotel chain.

These motor vehicles allow drivers to not have a driving permit for commercial purposes and still be considered legal drivers.

Green permit plate with white symbols :

These kinds of permit plates are specially reserved for electric motor vehicles. Twenty permits legalize electricity-driven commercial transports like Mahindra's e20, Tigor electric by tata, and electric buses.

Red permit plate with white symbols :

These red permit plates are temporary because they are the marker of a brand new motor vehicle until the regional transport office hands over the permanent permit plate.

This kind of permit plate is valid for up to 30 days. But not all states of India legally approve these red-plated motor vehicles on the road.

Blue permit plate with white symbols :

This blue-colored permit plate with white-colored lettering is distributed to the motor vehicles foreign diplomats own like the Diplomatic Corps or CD, Consular Corps or CC, and United Nations or UN.

Permit plate with a skyward-pointing arrow :

These kinds of permit plates showcasing skyward pointing arrows are military motor cars recorded in New Delhi at the books of the Ministry of Defense office.

These permit places have a skyward pointing arrow at the beginning or right after the second symbol. It is called a Broad Arrow.

The symbols after the arrow decode the year in which the motor vehicle is persuaded. Right after that is the base ID. The following are the serial numbers. The letter finishing right after those serial numbers identifies the category of the motor vehicles.

Wrapping up:

We hope this post helped you understand the Indian driving permit plates and their importance. It gives your motor vehicle a legal identity that not only provides security by keeping the vehicle smugglers away and guards national security.

So next time when you get a new car, don't forget to tag it with a legally approved driving permit plate. A number plate to your new vehicle will give its identity. All Indian vehicles should have an IND number plate to gain a legal identity for their vehicles.