HSRP/License Plate Maker With Colour Coded Sticker Gujarat

FTA HSRP Solutions Pvt Ltd Established in 2012, FTA HSRP Solutions, is a Private Limited Company that has been handling the manufacture and affixation of High Security Registration Plates in India for both New and Old Vehicles plying on the roads.

As per CMVR 1989 Act Rule Number 50, it is mandatory to install High Security Number Plates for all Commercial and Private Vehicles.

FTA HSRP Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company focussing largely on the manufacturing, sales & installation of HSRP plates across the country. We are currently implementing HSRP services in various states including, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Andaman Nicobar, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

We have been appointed as the HSRP Number Plate vendor of choice by most of the leading automotive OEMs across the country. This has helped us forge strong partnerships with more than 10,000 automobile dealers and their outlets throughout India.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat and has a production capacity to manufacture approx. 2 million blank HSRPs in a month. Such huge manufacturing capability makes us one of the Top HSRP Services providers in the country. Also, our advanced built-in system capabilities enable streamlined operations and refined customer experience.

Our much efficient and skilled workforce has been leaving no stone unturned in delivering unparalleled services to our automobile dealers and customers. With continuous innovation and technological initiatives, FTA HSRP Solutions Private Limited has emerged as the preferred choice of our customers as well as dealers for services including but not limited to:
  • High Security Registration Plates for Old Vehicles
  • High Security Registration Plates for New Vehicles
  • High Security Registration Plates for Commercial Vehicles
  • High Security Registration Plates for Heavy Vehicles
Our company is one of the top High Security Registration Plate Manufacturers in India and has been handling the affixation of Government-authorised Number Plates for almost a decade now. Since its inception our company has always been striving to manufacture best quality Vehicle Registration Number Plates for its dealers and customers. We are the only Number Plate Maker that has been implementing state-of-the-art technologies in its manufacturing processes while being aware of our ecological responsibilities.


Can we generate vehicle number plates online?

As the business model has evolved over the years, FTA has numerous built-in system capabilities to provide Best HSRP Online Services. Our user-friendly website provides a hassle-free experience for our dealers to Generate Vehicle Number Plates Online. You can avail any of the following Online HSRP Services as per your requirement. Online HSRP Services Online RTO HSRP Services HSRP Online Registration HSRP Online Services for Old Vehicles HSRP Online Services for New Vehicles

What are the different kinds of HSRP number plates do you provide?
FTA HSRP Services is considered as the one-stop destination for providing a huge variety of High Security Registration Plates. Such as:
  • Commercial Vehicle HSRP
  • HSRP for Old and New Private Vehicles
  • Bike HSRP
  • VIP Number Plates
  • Heavy vehicle HSRP
  • e-Rickshaw HSRP
  • RTO Number Plate
What is the mode of payment for High-Security number plate services?
  • The dealers have access to apply for any HSRP Online Services and hence can use multiple payment options such as Netbanking, Ch/DD, credit card, debit card, UPI, etc.
  • eWallet: This service has been developed in-house for the dealers. Dealers can deposit any amount in their online wallet which is secured by a unique login and password. This amount can then be used for carrying out HSRP-related transactions.
Are Plates for Electric Vehicles (EVs) available in HSRP?

Yes, we provide HSRP for EVs, such as e-Rickshaws, e-Bikes and e-Buses as per the government norms.

What are TLP stickers? Are they necessary with Vehicle HSRP plates?
TLP (Third Licence Plate) stickers are colour coded stickers where the colour of the sticker determines the fuel used by a particular vehicle. TLP Stickers are necessary on three-wheeler, four-wheeler & heavy commercial vehicles as per government regulations. These stickers contain information, such as front & rear plate LID numbers, place(issuing RTO) of registration and date of registration. If you are looking for HSRP with Colour Coded Sticker you can apply for the same online.
Can we order HSRP for vehicles registered in other states?
You can order High Security Registration Plates for vehicles registered in other states only if your OEM has authorized us to supply HSRP in that state. If you are looking for Top HSRP Services Online, FTA HSRP Services is your one-stop destination for High Security Number Plates in India.
What is an IND Number Plate?
IND Number Plate is nothing but HSRP only. Some people call it IND as it comes with a blue colour IND sign on left upper side of the plate, which is one of the key features of a standard HSRP.
How to identify an authorised HSRP Service provider or HSRP Maker/Number Plate Manufacturer?
An authorised HSRP Service provider should have a valid Type Approval Certificate(TAC) from authorized agencies like CRRI, ARAI, etc.

What is the process of getting HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicles?
You can get HSRP for your old vehicle by the Authorized dealer of your particular OEM (Vehicle Manufacturer). This can be done through High Security Number Plates Online Registration from the website of the authorized License Plate Manufacturer/HSRP Company appointed by its OEM.
Can I order Number Plate from any HSRP Supplier in India?

No, you can only order HSRP from your OEM-authorised HSRP Manufacturer in India. You can order HSRP Online through our website www.orderyourhsrp.com